Where’s the ‘human’ in Human Resources?

ILLUSTRATION: Lorraine Brevig


I’m sure everyone has experienced the process and frustration of applying for a job online. Because now there’s virtually no other way to apply.

Filling out all of the required fields.
Uploading resumes and cover letters or worse, needing to convert them into text so that you can copy and paste them into the required boxes.
Halfway through, coming across a ‘Mandatory Field’ that doesn’t apply to you and the only way to get past it, is to lie.
But you’re honest so you quit the application instead.
And even if you do manage to fill in all the boxes, you hope that there won’t be a glitch when you click ‘submit’ and you have to do it all over again.

Then, when you’ve successfully completed your online application you’re left wondering whether it was in fact, successful. Because you seldom hear back. Sure, some of these sites have an automated response mechanism.
“Thank you for applying, blah, blah, blah…”
but they also include
“…only those being considered will be contacted.”
And with that, you immediately put the whole experience behind you and move on to something more rewarding. Like talking to the dog.

So why has the ‘human’ disappeared in Human Resources?


Dr. Leonard McCoy might say, “We’re humans Spock. We feel.”


3 responses to “Where’s the ‘human’ in Human Resources?

  1. Good point Ged. I was contacted about a job through Linkedin a few days ago by a recruiter. This woman out of the blue forwarded me the job ad with one line typed all lower case, “send your resume asap.” I checked out the job and her and both seemed legit. I sent off my resume and added, ‘Keep in mind this job is pretty far for me to travel on a daily basis.’
    She: so don’t want it then
    Me: I’m happy to consider it, the salary will be a deciding factor.
    She: how much you want
    Me: I’m fairly flexible, but I’d like to know what the job pays.
    She: how much you want
    Me: Do you set the salary range?
    She: no
    Me: Please don’t contact me again.
    She: why

  2. No word of a lie, she just sent me the same job again asking if I want to apply. Anyone want a job in Vaughn, it’s going fast!

    • ‘She’ is an automaton, likely model Z1500. This model does not recognize rejection nor does it adhere to grammatically correct English. This model is also used for random telephone calls, usually in the evening, to sell duct cleaning. Next time if you find yourself in this situation, simply include the following in your reply – !#*!?%!!! – it will reboot their system and ‘she’ will require reprogramming.

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