How I made this using 90% Photoshop CS5 and 10% grey matter.

I send out an e-newsletter of sorts about twice a month to just, you know, remind folks I’m still here and available for work. That is to say, make something for them; whether it’s for print or web or just to help out when they’re overloaded.

That said, this was the content for my most recent e-newsletter which was a lot of fun to do. So I thought I’d share a little about how I did it.

First, the idea…

Then, source the images…

Eliminate existing content on the license plate using content-aware fill and the stamp and healing brush tools…
Close-cut, accentuate the highlight across top and adjust the colour…
I created the type in Illustrator so that I could tweak the font a little and then placed it in Photoshop, rasterized it and then used it to make selections for the following steps…
Using the type to select an area on the plate I applied a bevel & emboss effect…
Then I colourized my rasterized type and applied a bevel & emboss to it as well…
And for the finishing touch on the license plate, I added a bit of ‘dirt/rust’ to the embossed type to help bring it all together.
I then adjusted the colour in the main trailer park image to liven up the yellows and brought in the license plate with a drop shadow added to lift it off the page.

And finally, I added the text and saved it out for web for insertion into the e-newsletter.

This just gives you an idea of the steps involved and is not intended to be a tutorial in how to actually do it. My apologies to anyone who may have been expecting otherwise.

2 responses to “How I made this using 90% Photoshop CS5 and 10% grey matter.

  1. Nice Tutorial, thanks Ged!

  2. Very cool image and great tutorial! Thanks for following my blog. Hope to have new stuff up soon! 🙂

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