Label Me. I welcome it.

It’s human nature to assign ‘labels’ to everyone we meet; he/she is ‘funny’ or ‘not-so-funny’, ‘young’ or ‘old’, ‘tall’ or ‘short’ etc.
In fact, I think we’re all likely hard-wired to do so; a possible throw back to our primal survival instincts. (Hungry bear = ‘bad’.)

But a lot of us like to believe that we do no such thing; that we always keep an open mind. After all, such behaviour is border-line discrimination isn’t it?

Well here are a few labels I’ve created for myself and I will go out on a limb here to say that you could easily apply one of them to me.

And now that you’ve assigned a label to me, why not take it a step further and send me a project you have that fits that label. And don’t worry, I won’t take offense; even if batteries are required!


Who would’ve thought getting a haircut would reveal an identity.

I’ve been getting my hair cut by the same person for over 14 years now. I assume everyone’s the same that way; once you’ve found someone you like and trust, you stick with them.

And this relationship we have with them varies. Some of us discuss almost everything with them while others limit our conversations to only current, topical information; weather, sports etc. I myself being the later.

So when I discovered that Tony, the guy who’d been cutting my hair for all those years, had left his place of employ and bought a salon of his own, of course I followed him to his new place. And it was here that I revealed my background in advertising and design.

He shared his plan to re-brand this existing salon he’d purchased under a new name and I of course offered my services in designing his logo for him.

He explained that the services he would be providing beyond a great hair cut/style, would be hair colour (his specialty) and also a wig service for cancer patients for which he would be creating a beautifully remodeled private space at the back of the salon for their comfort.

He was delighted with the logo design and the project grew to designing his signage, business cards & bags as well as providing design input on the in-store renovations he was planning and which are currently taking place.

And there are now plans for a newspaper ad, Facebook page & video.

There’s a list for that.

Convince contractors to choose System 636 flue gas venting system
over two other competitors by communicating all it’s features in a list.
The two competitors only had half the features.

Rather than taking a we’re #1 approach and showing the list of features on a clipboard, as had been suggested, I decided to tap into an insight that a contractor might connect with and appreciate.

Every contractors day begins with making lists of what needs to be done including ordering necessary materials, tasks etc. so why not make their
day a little easier.

Wee, wee, wee all the way home.

Summer. It’s in full swing now to be sure.
And you should be out there taking full advantage of it, yes?
Of course you should.

If however you find yourself chin-deep in nasty work call Ged at 647-328-2872.
He’d be more than happy to help you out. You see, rides that spin make him vomit and he much prefers working rather than vomiting.

So email Ged today and then just get out there and enjoy yourself!

You’re so busy, you’re smokin.

Sometimes you’re so busy you can almost feel the whiffs of smoke curling up
and out of your ears. A very unpleasant feeling to be sure.
However there is an easy way to avoid that unpleasantness, budget permitting
of course; just go outside for help. In fact, just give me a call at 647-328-2872.
You’ll find that I’m ridiculously affordable and a surprisingly creative problem solver. So whether it’s help with creative development, layout or just another pair of hands for MAC art, just email me.
But if your budget says no, then you may want to just go outside for a smoke.
Just be sure to bring a bottle of water & stand in the shade; it’s hot out there.
And if you don’t smoke, hopefully you won’t feel compelled to start.

Self-Promotion Campaign for writer Diane Bracuk

In collaboration with healthcare writer Diane Bracuk, we developed her self-promotion campaign with a focus on her key selling proposition – the ability to write highly technical scientific copy or very simple, consumer-friendly version of same.

A series of three different pieces were developed in the form of postcards & e-newsletter variants.

Gob is good.

Logo Design for healthcare writer Diane Bracuk

Diane Bracuk is a healthcare writer who can transform complicated healthcare and/or pharmaceutical information into easily digestible, consumer-friendly prose; no easy task to be sure.

This is her ‘unique selling proposition’ and was my starting point for her logo design and tagline development which resulted in this stylized ‘funnel’ into which molecule-like info is dumped leading to a simple yet compelling tagline.

To come… her self-promotion campaign. Stay tuned.

Why people like you hire me.

When the need to outsource creative and/or production work is unavoidable and reliability is paramount, agencies and direct clients alike have called upon me to come through for them.
Here are just a few of the reasons why…

“Ged is someone you can count on 100% to get a job done and do it superlatively. A while ago, I dumped a giant job on him requiring a ton of Photoshop work and he worked nights and weekends to get it done on time. In the end, he completed it days ahead of schedule. My client couldn’t have been happier with the end result, and was amazed that it had all been done so quickly. Bottom line: Ged goes above and beyond the call of duty—and will always make you look good.”
– Libby Lucas, Libby Lucas Creative

“We have been working with Ged for the past 2.5 years and highly recommend his work. Ged has created a number of web, print and interactive designs for many of the projects I have produced and all have been a success. Talented, easy to work with and will always go the extra mile.”
– Mark Ashdown, Bang Albino Communications Inc.

“Ged is a thoughtful and resourceful creative ally. He doesn’t wave his arms and jump about; he listens quietly and carefully and – at the right moment – he provides a pithy suggestion that’s right on target. He understands visual stopping power. He understands strategic thinking. In short, Ged understands.”
– Andrew Crighton, iPrimate Strategic Creativity

Discover your reason for hiring me. Call 647-328-2872 or email today. Or tomorrow. No pressure.

How I made this using 90% Photoshop CS5 and 10% grey matter.

I send out an e-newsletter of sorts about twice a month to just, you know, remind folks I’m still here and available for work. That is to say, make something for them; whether it’s for print or web or just to help out when they’re overloaded.

That said, this was the content for my most recent e-newsletter which was a lot of fun to do. So I thought I’d share a little about how I did it.

First, the idea…

Then, source the images…

Eliminate existing content on the license plate using content-aware fill and the stamp and healing brush tools…
Close-cut, accentuate the highlight across top and adjust the colour…
I created the type in Illustrator so that I could tweak the font a little and then placed it in Photoshop, rasterized it and then used it to make selections for the following steps…
Using the type to select an area on the plate I applied a bevel & emboss effect…
Then I colourized my rasterized type and applied a bevel & emboss to it as well…
And for the finishing touch on the license plate, I added a bit of ‘dirt/rust’ to the embossed type to help bring it all together.
I then adjusted the colour in the main trailer park image to liven up the yellows and brought in the license plate with a drop shadow added to lift it off the page.

And finally, I added the text and saved it out for web for insertion into the e-newsletter.

This just gives you an idea of the steps involved and is not intended to be a tutorial in how to actually do it. My apologies to anyone who may have been expecting otherwise.

What madness is this?

I came across this the other day and was absolutely taken aback by it.

Apparently this company, REM-Ads, is hoping to start selling ad space in people’s heads while they sleep! Is this the watershed point for privacy laws?

We all know that it’s very difficult to escape marketing and advertising efforts these days but I do believe that these people have gone a step beyond in the sanity department. Do they really think they’ll be able to get away with this kind of intrusion into our very minds?

If there ever was a time to put the brakes on technology or, at the very least, to step back and say, “Even though we can, maybe we shouldn’t.” this is it.

This is unbelievable.

But then again, that’s what people thought about the internet.