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Why people like you hire me.

When the need to outsource creative and/or production work is unavoidable and reliability is paramount, agencies and direct clients alike have called upon me to come through for them.
Here are just a few of the reasons why…

“Ged is someone you can count on 100% to get a job done and do it superlatively. A while ago, I dumped a giant job on him requiring a ton of Photoshop work and he worked nights and weekends to get it done on time. In the end, he completed it days ahead of schedule. My client couldn’t have been happier with the end result, and was amazed that it had all been done so quickly. Bottom line: Ged goes above and beyond the call of duty—and will always make you look good.”
– Libby Lucas, Libby Lucas Creative

“We have been working with Ged for the past 2.5 years and highly recommend his work. Ged has created a number of web, print and interactive designs for many of the projects I have produced and all have been a success. Talented, easy to work with and will always go the extra mile.”
– Mark Ashdown, Bang Albino Communications Inc.

“Ged is a thoughtful and resourceful creative ally. He doesn’t wave his arms and jump about; he listens quietly and carefully and – at the right moment – he provides a pithy suggestion that’s right on target. He understands visual stopping power. He understands strategic thinking. In short, Ged understands.”
– Andrew Crighton, iPrimate Strategic Creativity

Discover your reason for hiring me. Call 647-328-2872 or email gedstankus@gmail.com today. Or tomorrow. No pressure.


How I made this using 90% Photoshop CS5 and 10% grey matter.

I send out an e-newsletter of sorts about twice a month to just, you know, remind folks I’m still here and available for work. That is to say, make something for them; whether it’s for print or web or just to help out when they’re overloaded.

That said, this was the content for my most recent e-newsletter which was a lot of fun to do. So I thought I’d share a little about how I did it.

First, the idea…

Then, source the images…

Eliminate existing content on the license plate using content-aware fill and the stamp and healing brush tools…
Close-cut, accentuate the highlight across top and adjust the colour…
I created the type in Illustrator so that I could tweak the font a little and then placed it in Photoshop, rasterized it and then used it to make selections for the following steps…
Using the type to select an area on the plate I applied a bevel & emboss effect…
Then I colourized my rasterized type and applied a bevel & emboss to it as well…
And for the finishing touch on the license plate, I added a bit of ‘dirt/rust’ to the embossed type to help bring it all together.
I then adjusted the colour in the main trailer park image to liven up the yellows and brought in the license plate with a drop shadow added to lift it off the page.

And finally, I added the text and saved it out for web for insertion into the e-newsletter.

This just gives you an idea of the steps involved and is not intended to be a tutorial in how to actually do it. My apologies to anyone who may have been expecting otherwise.