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Working without pay.

If anyone’s been wondering, I’ve been working on finishing our basement for just over a year now which includes office spaces for both my wife and myself. We both work from home.



Although I’ve found that doing all the work myself very satisfying, with part-time help from my sons with the drywall which was fun, this project is finally nearing completion.

Now I need to start devoting much more time and energy
into getting work that pays – got any?

If you’re on my mailing list you’ll be getting an e-blast soon!
And if you can’t send work, just send money.



I wouldn’t work for you if…

In case you missed them, here is my most recent series of self-promo emails.
And now I wait patiently for the work to start pouring in.




A beautiful B2B print campaign. (Well, I think so anyway.)

Who wouldn’t want a big, fat wallet unless of course it’s filled with useless
scraps of paper instead of cold, hard cash.
In this case it is cold, hard cash we’re talking about and it speaks directly to a plumbing contractors’ bottom line in simple and direct language.

My responsibilities: creative & art direction, copywriting,
layout & final art.
Photography: Christopher Lawson Photography
Retouching & image manipulation: Mike Carter Studio
So what can I make for you today?

Label Me. I welcome it.

It’s human nature to assign ‘labels’ to everyone we meet; he/she is ‘funny’ or ‘not-so-funny’, ‘young’ or ‘old’, ‘tall’ or ‘short’ etc.
In fact, I think we’re all likely hard-wired to do so; a possible throw back to our primal survival instincts. (Hungry bear = ‘bad’.)

But a lot of us like to believe that we do no such thing; that we always keep an open mind. After all, such behaviour is border-line discrimination isn’t it?

Well here are a few labels I’ve created for myself and I will go out on a limb here to say that you could easily apply one of them to me.

And now that you’ve assigned a label to me, why not take it a step further and send me a project you have that fits that label. And don’t worry, I won’t take offense; even if batteries are required!

Self-Promotion Campaign for writer Diane Bracuk

In collaboration with healthcare writer Diane Bracuk, we developed her self-promotion campaign with a focus on her key selling proposition – the ability to write highly technical scientific copy or very simple, consumer-friendly version of same.

A series of three different pieces were developed in the form of postcards & e-newsletter variants.

Gob is good.

Rewarding ‘Preferred’ Clients

In the advertising & communications business, clients are given preferential treatment based on billings. The more revenue, the better the service.
That’s the way it’s always been.

Should that be the only criteria though?

What if there were a formalized ‘Preferred Client Status’ program that required a number of other factors to be met – factors that leveled the playing field for all clients on the roster regardless of size? And there were rewards like year-end discounts based on ‘points’ earned or quarterly discounts on future programs?

Wouldn’t that make for a happier pond for all your clients to swim in, regardless of what size fish they are?

Love the work

Love the work.

Not long after I got married, during a visit with my folks, my mother pulled me aside and shared an old-world saying in regards to marriage. Literally translated, it said, “It’s always easier when two people pull the wagon.”

At the time, I considered it a simple, old-world country saying that had no real relevance today. However, over the years it’s become a mantra of sorts for me because it’s really saying that, it’s better when two (or more) people share the load. Duh.

In marriage or relationships it means working together and sharing in both the good and the crap that life throws at you. It makes dealing with the crap easier and the good times that much better. Duh, again.

It also has a place in work too because it’s about teamwork and collaboration as well. Woo-hoo!

A very simple idea to understand but you’ve got to love the hard work required to ‘pull the wagon’ .

Hello world!

This is my first post.
Just starting out here on WordPress.
Have settled on this existing template but hope to have a customized template in place soon.
Before end of year anyway.

Am currently learning html & css formally and discovering that code is a language not to be feared but embraced. Especially if you enjoy trouble-shooting & fixing things as I do! Also that you can find all the help you need by simply Googling-it. And just about all of it for free! The world should be more like the web I think.

Will hopefully be posting useful & relevant information here at least once a week.
And it will likely be sourced from others who are more knowledgeable than I.
Unless of course I just feel the need to rant and/or rave about something related in which case,
it’ll be all me.