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Working without pay.

If anyone’s been wondering, I’ve been working on finishing our basement for just over a year now which includes office spaces for both my wife and myself. We both work from home.



Although I’ve found that doing all the work myself very satisfying, with part-time help from my sons with the drywall which was fun, this project is finally nearing completion.

Now I need to start devoting much more time and energy
into getting work that pays – got any?

If you’re on my mailing list you’ll be getting an e-blast soon!
And if you can’t send work, just send money.




Work To Live #7

Happy Summer Holidays!

Summer’s a great time of year, for the most part anyway. Enjoying the outdoors, the longer days and taking holidays. It’s fantastic when you’re the one gearing up to leave work for a week or maybe even two! The not-so-great part is when you’re the only one who isn’t. Ugh. Working even longer to take up the slack.

Here’s where I come in, literally, to help you deal with it.

On or off-site, I’ll help you out with developing creative, layouts and production so that you too can appreciate the joys of summer.

Summer Solstice. My favourite day of the year. Not only is it the first day of summer but the longest day as well. Hopefully you won’t be spending the entire day in the office.