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Working without pay.

If anyone’s been wondering, I’ve been working on finishing our basement for just over a year now which includes office spaces for both my wife and myself. We both work from home.



Although I’ve found that doing all the work myself very satisfying, with part-time help from my sons with the drywall which was fun, this project is finally nearing completion.

Now I need to start devoting much more time and energy
into getting work that pays – got any?

If you’re on my mailing list you’ll be getting an e-blast soon!
And if you can’t send work, just send money.



Not in a Flash but somewhat less time than anticipated.


So this is the product of me trying to reacquaint myself with Flash and DreamWeaver while getting introduced to Adobe Media Encoder.
Surprisingly, it was a blast!

Love the work

Love the work.

Not long after I got married, during a visit with my folks, my mother pulled me aside and shared an old-world saying in regards to marriage. Literally translated, it said, “It’s always easier when two people pull the wagon.”

At the time, I considered it a simple, old-world country saying that had no real relevance today. However, over the years it’s become a mantra of sorts for me because it’s really saying that, it’s better when two (or more) people share the load. Duh.

In marriage or relationships it means working together and sharing in both the good and the crap that life throws at you. It makes dealing with the crap easier and the good times that much better. Duh, again.

It also has a place in work too because it’s about teamwork and collaboration as well. Woo-hoo!

A very simple idea to understand but you’ve got to love the hard work required to ‘pull the wagon’ .