Who would’ve thought getting a haircut would reveal an identity.

I’ve been getting my hair cut by the same person for over 14 years now. I assume everyone’s the same that way; once you’ve found someone you like and trust, you stick with them.

And this relationship we have with them varies. Some of us discuss almost everything with them while others limit our conversations to only current, topical information; weather, sports etc. I myself being the later.

So when I discovered that Tony, the guy who’d been cutting my hair for all those years, had left his place of employ and bought a salon of his own, of course I followed him to his new place. And it was here that I revealed my background in advertising and design.

He shared his plan to re-brand this existing salon he’d purchased under a new name and I of course offered my services in designing his logo for him.

He explained that the services he would be providing beyond a great hair cut/style, would be hair colour (his specialty) and also a wig service for cancer patients for which he would be creating a beautifully remodeled private space at the back of the salon for their comfort.

He was delighted with the logo design and the project grew to designing his signage, business cards & bags as well as providing design input on the in-store renovations he was planning and which are currently taking place.

And there are now plans for a newspaper ad, Facebook page & video.

2 responses to “Who would’ve thought getting a haircut would reveal an identity.

  1. Gee, thanks Sean! As always you’re too, too kind.
    Or is that, ‘You’re kind of a tu-tu.’
    Regardless your comments are always appreciated especially since they’re the only ones my posts receive. Lol

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